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What the hell android Os is it is not only laggy, it store doesn't support apps like youtube video downloader, youtube video to mp3 converter. Google only wants to suck battery for data streaming all the time. I love to see these features App in android. Untill then i will strictly stick to wp8.

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Please issue same freebies here in Philippines like in UK to attract more buyers since Nokia is almost dead here. AnonD, 10 Jul Review please What about india no freebies and the service center gives duplicate batteries nobody is gonna use crap ;. Lol at that pricing. Most people say this is one of the best looking phones right now.

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Who cares more cheap nasty looking kids phones with the worst operating system ever. This meant colours looked incredibly rich and vivid and text was pitch black. Whites were perhaps a little pinkish compared to other OLED displays such as the Motorola Moto X , but we'd rather the screen looked warm than overly cool.

Contrast was a little low at 4, other OLED displays such the Lumia 's have measured a massive 37, , but we were still able to see a high level of detail in our darker test images. Likewise, the phone's wide viewing angles meant we could see the screen clearly regardless of whether we were looking at it face on or had it lying down on the table beside us. Peak brightness was also a modest Performance was superb for a Windows Phone handset. With its quad-core, 2. Pages loaded in an instant and the Lumia even took image-heavy desktop sites such as The Guardian home page in its stride.

There was no stutter whatsoever when we were zoomed in and panning round quickly, and scrolling up and down pages was very responsive.

The operating system was equally silky, with apps opening quickly and showing no signs of lag or stutter as we swiped between screens. This was reflected by the Lumia 's lightning fast score of ms in our SunSpider Javascript benchmarks, which is the quickest time we've seen for a Windows phone and almost twice as fast as the Lumia This score even beats the Lumia , which until now was our reigning Windows performance champion, meaning the Lumia has all the power of a high-end phablet tucked into a normal-sized handset.

It scored 20fps, dropping behind a Snapdragon equipped Samsung Galaxy S4 which scored 26fps.

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Realistically, however, the limited number of games available on Windows Phone will all play smoothly on the , even with the Full HD resolution, and the only one that might cause frame rates to fall slightly is the demanding Halo: Spartan Assault. Fortunately, this amount of power doesn't take its toll on the Lumia 's battery life, as its 2,mAh battery lasted 10 hours and 24 minutes in our continuous video playback test with the screen set to half brightness.

It's not quite as spectacular as the Lumia 's twelve hour battery life, but you should still be able to get a whole day's use out of the Lumia without having to return it to the mains mid-afternoon.

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The Lumia includes wireless charging, too, so with a compatible charging plate you can top up without having to reach for a cable first. Nokia Lumia Nokia Lumia review - the last great Nokia smartphone? Mobile phones. Our Rating.

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