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And, the Atlantic remaster of Cotrane's Giant Steps now really shows what a genius the guy was. Thanks for a great product at a great price. I normally do not email a manufacturer on a product after I have purchased it but this has made such a huge difference I had to. Being old school audiophile and not warming up to the idea that a lot of tweaks really work I have been very hesitant to try a lot of little things like this, but I have to say your mat has made a huge difference in my system!

The lows are where I really hear the difference, they seem so much tighter than before, I would have never believed it until hearing it! But everything seems just a touch more real.

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When I closed my eyes I would have sworn his piano was in my room! Thanks again, I will recommend this to everyone I talk to!!! It's like having a new system. I want you to know how pleased I am with it. I put it on a stock AR XA, and noticed a clear improvement over my former '70's vintage Discwasher felt mat. With both mats, I tapped the platter and also tapped on a record with the stylus in the groove motor off , and could easily hear a difference in resonance control, the Way Excellent II mat being my preferred choice.

I will be ordering another mat to go on the stock table, which is going to be part of a second system. I have wanted to try a new mat for many years.

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For whatever reason, I was not inclined to try sorbothane, lead or cork. I am glad that I found out about your products and gave your mat a try. The Mat just arrive and it fits perfectly! It sound great right away! Detail, sweetness, focus bass too! I really believe my cartridge is tracking much better Denon DL on your mat. I'm using a classic Well Tempered turntable and arm. I've used various cork and felt mats in the past and have not been very satisfied.

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As per my last email I told you I'd let you know if I hear any difference. Well to keep it brief I've always liked the sound of my turntable along with the rest of my vintage analog audio gear , but this simple upgrade really made a big difference. I'm not hearing surface noise or motor noise anymore which was very minimally being transferred to my speakers but still I could hear it.

What this did was almost like taking a veil off of the speakers. Now because only the music from the record is being transferred to my speakers without anything being added, I can hear details I did not hear before. It's so much clearer that you'd think I did a speaker upgrade, instead of just a turntable mat upgrade. I'm very pleased. It brings out the best in everything; it's really quite fantastic, and I'm very happy to have it.

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Hard to believe a mat could make this much difference. This is one of those tweaks that you don't have to pretend you hear. It's all right there. This mat replaced the Non Felt mat that had replaced the original felt mat. Compared to the Non Felt, the very dynamic bass in my copy of Pink Floyd -- The Final Cut went from sort of wooly and out of control with the Non Felt to smooth, tight and even more extended. Waters' voice comes right out at you.

It was so cool. Noise levels for all records went down and the pops in records were not as invasive as they once were. It was a good purchase. I bought it mainly to fix the static cling hassle with the stock felt mat and was not really expecting much in the way of better sound.


In my line of work, I am paid to be skeptical, to debunk myths, to scoff at unsupported but widely believed illusions. I'm not going to gush out a lot of audiophile blather about sound staging, PRAT, and dynamics, etc. But female vocals and acoustic guitar do sound more realistic. Perhaps you could add another prefix to the product description: "Really is a way excellent TT mat" Name: J. A month deep in a dry chicago winter, the static problems I had with my felt mat and even worse with the extreme none-felt are totally gone.

No static pops during play or when I lift the needle. The mat never sticks to the record! The sonic improvements are noticeable vs.

But I'd pay twice this amount for the static relief alone! It added both firm bass punch and more clarity on the high ends at the same time. And, I don't really need the record clamp anymore. Oh, and it looks really cool, too. Thanks again. It works beautifully. Then I tried to find the best adjustments. I suppose it is normal I had to change VTA as the Way Excellent mat is slightly slimmer than the original felt mat no big deal.

Then, with your mat, I was able to very precisely adjust cartridge bias and weight with no doubt on what was best. Also, I corrected very slightly one of my speaker angles and now, wow, the mat sure adds depth, width, air and harmonics. On some good recordings, the instruments are here in the room. Thank you, I am rediscovering my records. Name: Doug Olsen, U. Name: Cheryl K. Wow, big difference!

It cleaned up the mud.

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Name: Richard Quaite, Leeds, U. Review: Just a quick belated note to say thanks. That mat is incredible. It made a massive improvement the moment I put it on, and I've tried all sorts including the Funk Achromat, SDS Isoplatmat, Clearaudio Harmonicer, felt, cork, rubber etc and combinations of all of them, but the Way Excellent mat easily beats them all. One day I should take it off to see what it sounds like without it, but it's been on since the day it arrived and taking it off sounds like a frightening prospect!!!

I must say Rosemary Clooney sounded like she'd risen from the dead to sing those Harold Arlen songs. Now I figure the old AR turntable is. Right off, I had the feeling that I wanted to drag out stuff I hadn't listened to in a long time. I also have the SuperSonic Record Stabilizer and find it to be useful on some records. Great products! So long LP12 felt! A huge upgrade. Kinda shocking. Name: Curt Springmeier, St. The sound falls between the stock felt mat and the Extreme Audio mat which is exactly what I wanted.

The Extreme Audio mat in my system drew too much of the dynamics out of the sound. I just expected the sound to be different as I thought the sound was great as it was. Like the cd mat I noticed the difference straight away. The sound became clearer, the voices became more focused and there was more depth and ambiance. There was more clarity to the sound. Anyway I now prefer having the mat on my Kuzma Stabi. I think it's a cheap upgrade well worth it.

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Better than the Extreme Donut mat that it replaced. The music is really very, very close to sounding like the real event. I think in my case it's the synergy between good components -- making the whole picture complete. I've gone nuts trying different cables, phono stages -- and yes -- turntable mats. It's nice to be able to sit back and just enjoy the music for a change without the need to upgrade anything else.

The mat also stays in place when changing albums. On my Thorens, it blows away the Ringmat. I'm tired of moving it back and forth so I need a second mat. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!