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Costco is notorious for offering products for a limited time. At the time of this writing, Costco no longer carries the fourth generation Apple TV.

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I was able to buy one a month after it launched, for a discounted price. The links go to individual item pages, however, there may be different color options for a particular model. Apple is known to release products on an almost predictable schedule. This means that there are bad times to buy specific Apple products. For example, Costco is still selling the iPad Air 2, even though the iPad is better in many respects and cheaper.

Costco sells different models of the iPhone at aggressive prices through Membership Wireless. The prices vary depending on device, carrier and upgrade eligibility. There are far too many variables to list in this article. Costco finally started selling Macs, however, one can find better deals elsewhere. Costco lists MacBooks individually, even if they only differ by color. Duplicates have been eliminated to keep the presentation clean.

Sometimes they only offer a product in one color.

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The keyboard is shit, and the battery life sucks. Formerly part of that PC-only brigade. I broke down and bought my first Apple product, a 13" MBP 6 years ago. I finally just replaced it, with another MBP. I did spec out other laptops, but by the time I found one I could live with, it actually stickered for MORE than the new MBP I ended up buying - and it had the same basic hardware specs. Smooth, responsive, and the best screen I've ever used. That said, Macs are significantly more expensive than a comparable consumer laptop, especially when you have to buy a Windows license on top of the hardware cost.

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Like most things, it's a case of you get what you pay for. Can attest.

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They did it no questions asked. It was an emergency purchase. I have had no problems with it at all. Anecdotal evidence like this has little statistical value. The most probable scenario is that the most returned laptop is also the most popular, but doesn't mean it is the most unreliable. It's probably better to see a widespread survey from something like Consumer Reports to get a better idea.

I can tell you that dell has great laptop design and feature but has horrible Quality control. Cake Day.


Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If you love using the Costco app, please take a minute to leave a nice review. Just a basic app.

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In terms of money saving Costco is the clear winner but in terms of app features and ability Costco loses. I go into Costco and there is no self checkout. I wait in line forever to checkout.

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I apply coupons or discounts on my phone. I pay on my phone. I show my phone to the person at the door instead of my paper receipt. As my Costco gets busier and they refuse to open more checkout lanes, have self checkout, and allow me to checkout with my phone, probably not. In terms of pricing, and value-for-money: Costco seems to be the obvious choice to me. All of the things that the competition readily offers within their single app. I really do get it. If you want to compete for the money of the next generation of consumers: you need to keep up with the times and the rapid pace of technology.

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